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Best Tribulus Terrestris Supplement for Men

Aggripure Tribulus Terrestris Extract & Powder Blend 1850 Mg Capsule, 60 Count – Made in India


Aggripure provides the best tribulus terrestris supplement that can help you boost sexual health without any side effects. The tribulus terrestris extract provides by Aggripure contains 1:7 extract ratio of tribulus powder.

You get a complex blend of tribulus extract 250 mg & 100 mg tribulus powder blend. The extract when derives into powder gives 1750 mg tribulus powder from extract + 100 mg tribulus powder external means a total of 1850 mg tribulus powder in each capsule. The best potency!

These capsules can help you boost free testosterone levels required for better performance on bed. Spice up your bedroom with new energy & capabilities.

Aggripure’s Tribulus Terrestris supplement can be purchased from Amazon and you get fast delivery as all our products are fulfilled by Amazon.

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