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Shatavari Extract Tablets Pack Of 3 Months


  • Shatavari Extract Tablets.
  • 100% Ayurvedic Medicine.
  • No Side Effects Works Naturally Inside Our Body. 
  • Made With 500Mg Pure Shatavari Extracts.
  • Powerful medicine for Improving Women’s Health.
  • Helps Females In Improving Their Reproductive Health.
  • Improves Fertility In Females.
  • Improves The Quality And Amount Of Milk Production During Breast-Feeding.
  • Promotes Overall Body Wellness Of Female.
  • Get Your Periods On Time Every Month.
  • Promotes Healthy Menstrual Flow.
  • 100% safe Medicine No Added Fillers Or Preservatives.
  • Helps In Getting Relief From Menstrual Cramps.
  • Take 2 Tablets Daily.
  • 1 After Breakfast And 1 After Dinner.
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Nowadays because of our busy lifestyle almost, every woman suffers from tiredness, laziness and low interest in sex life also searching for the best Shatavari extract tablets.

Women are so desperate to get rid of tiredness, laziness and a low sex drive that they have tried almost everything.

From home, remedies to reduce constipation to allopathic treatment as well.

But no treatment works effectively and permanently for the long term.

They get some good results for a short span of time until they are on the medicine, but fall back to the previous condition as they stop it.

Also, some medications can cause harsh side effects.

So, be aware of whatever you are using, make sure you are doing a full investigation before using any product as it can also affect your health negatively.

So, always trust Ayurvedic medication. It is effective and works naturally inside our body.

Also, helps in getting relief from the root cause of the problem without showing any side effects.

If you are searching for ayurvedic medicine then you must try Aggripure’s Shatavari extract tablets (Femopan) pack of 3 months.

Brief Overview Of Aggripure’s Femopan Tablets

Brief Overview Of Aggripure’s Femopan Tablets, Shatavari Extract Tablets

Aggripure’s Femopan tablets 1 bottle contains 60 tablets and each tablet is 500 Mg.

That is made with a blend of pure Shatavari extract under the supervision of experts and doctors.

Also, our product is clinically tested, that’s why it is safe as well as effective.

Also, we never compromise with our quality standards and always ensure elite quality standards.

We are GMP certified, ISO 9001 Certified, and FSSAI certified.

How To Consume Shatavari Extract Tablets

dosage, Shatavari Extract Tablets

For getting the best results, you have to consume 2 tablets daily.

Take one tablet in the morning after having your daily breakfast.

And, one tablet in the night after your dinner.

You can consume these tablets with milk or lukewarm water.

Also, our tablets are 100% natural and don’t contain any fillers or preservatives.

Dosages of ayurvedic medicine are very simple and safe.

In fact, no strict dieting plan or precautions required.

Note: never skip any day and consume medicine as prescribed.

Final Words

3 Month Pack femopan, Shatavari Extract Tablets

So, if you want to nourish, rejuvenate and strengthen your lifestyle and reduce tiredness, laziness, low libido and other similar female problems.

Then you must purchase Aggripure’s Shatavari extract tablets (Femopan) pack of 3 months. [1]

That is 100% Ayurvedic medicine, Made With a blend of pure Shatavari extracts.

I guarantee you will never regret buying it.

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