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In today’s world when almost all answers are available on the internet have you ever search for bigger pennies method or medicines?

Let me be very clear with one conclusion in starting only that most of the man-thing that the small Pennies size is smaller as compare to others.

But in reality, they have normal Pennies size and another thing is that if you do not have proper knowledge about bigger pennies method you can harm your pennies.

Almost 90% of bigger pennies method and medicines are fake and also they can harm your entire body.

Let me make it clear for you, now I’m going to some facts regarding bigger pennies method and medicines and also tell you about their unpleasant and unnecessary side effects with the best product in detail.

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List of Bigger Pennies Method Infographic

Bigger Pennies Method Infographic
Bigger Pennies Method

Top 6 Bigger Pennies Method

Pennies Extenders

Pennies extender is a medical device and this is used to stretch pennies.

According to the research conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine that if you are continuously using pennies extenders for more than 3 months will enlarge your pennies size up to 1.5 inches.

Till now, we need more research to exactly proof that these pennies extenders are safe and effective.

Note: If you are using pennies extenders are very inconvenient and it also can harm your pennies badly if you are continuously using it.

Too much use of this bigger pennies method can injure your pennies veins and can also form blood clots.

So, if you are using this method, then please say no to it.

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This bigger pennies method is very popular when it comes to other methods as everyone knows with the help of surgery we can easily enlarge our pennies without any hard work and complication.

But wait, did you know the exact answer. Let me tell you with facts.

Surgery in pennies is done due correct –

  • A major defect in pennies
  • For treating an injury
  • Improving the functionality of pennies
  • Or, for any other life-threatening problem in pennies.

But no reputed doctor has ever recommended surgery as a method to enlarge pennies size.

Pennies enlargement surgery is very complicated as it is very risky and controversial.

There can be many possible risks if the surgery goes wrong, like-

  • Major Wounds
  • Infections in pennies
  • Risk of a decrease in excitement
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature erection, etc.

Also if everything goes right then you can make your pennies enlargement up to ½ inches i.e. 1 to 2 centimeters.

Any research to date cannot say that surgery can enlarge your pennies size and make it thick.

Also, no research to date can say that it is safe or not, now the choice is yours. Make the correct decision and say a big no to surgery.

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Vacuum Pump

Just for your information vacuum pump is also known as ‘pennies pump’.

The main use of vacuum is to cure erectile dysfunction and some also use vacuum pumps for their pennies exercise.

The vacuum pump creates a vacuum around the pennies and expands the pennies blood caring veins.

So that veins can hold more volume of blood and result in pennies become ticker temporarily.

For making this change permanent you should use a vacuum pump regularly on a small-small interval and be patient till you get desired results.

But if you use a vacuum tube too much then it can damage your pennies cells and can cause many other sex-related problems like semen ejaculation, etc.

So, using the vacuum pump as a bigger pennies method can help you in getting your desired results.

But be careful it is not 100% safe and its excessive use can damage your pennies badly.

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Jelqing exercise

Jelqing exercise is one of the type of exercise that is dedicated to growing your pennies naturally.

This exercise is used to increase the flow of blood in pennies, in this, we use our hand move pennies back and forth.

This practice is also famous by name milking.

There is no medical research that can openly claim that Jelqing exercise can help you in enlarging your pennies size.

This bigger pennies method is safe up to some extends But sometimes doing this too harshly and repeatedly can cause pain, irritation, and scar tissue formation in the penis.

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Synthetic Medicines, Oils, and Creams

If you search for medication related to pennies enlargement then you will find a large number of products that self-claims that they are the leader in their market and they are best.

Pennies enlargement products are mainly in these forms –

  • Oils
  • Hormones
  • Pills
  • Creams
  • Vitamins, etc.

But there is no evidence available that can prove that these synthetic products work.

These products can give you results for a short interval of time (Temporarily), they can’t benefit you permanently.

Also, some products will work till you use them, once you stop using them your condition go to your initial stage or even down.

Even, some products can harm your effect your health negatively and some can react with other regular medications you take.

So, before taking any such medicines please consult with your doctor because sometimes it can be a matter of life and death.

Do check customer reviews, investigate at your level, and check ingredients used before selecting for your personal use.

If you take my advice never use this bigger pennies method as most of the time you will get disappointment.

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Ayurvedic medicine tablets | Bigger Pennies Method

Bigger Pennies Method
Bigger Pennies Method

If you are suffering from small pennies problem and want a permanent solution then Ayurvedic medicine can help you.

The best part of Ayurvedic medicine is they never show any side effects.

If you are searching and planning to buy an Ayurvedic medicine then ‘Aggripure’s Relibond’ can be the best choice for your pennies growth.

Ayurvedic medicines don’t show any side effect because it works naturally without causing any harm to your body and it is very effective.

Ayurvedic medicines increase the amount of nitric oxide in your body that results in increased blood flow.

Due to the increase in blood circulation, all sexual organs get a sufficient amount of blood and oxygen.

Thus is grow better and function to get desirable results.

According to me, Ayurvedic medicines are the best, efficient, reliable, safest, 100% natural bigger pennies method that you should adopt for getting the best results.

For more information, you can call: +91-7906127882 and use code ‘10DISC’ for getting an extra 10% off on a 3-month pack.

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Final Words

The main motive of this article is to show you the reality of the bigger pennies methods.

Almost everyone claims that their method is best but the success rate is very less or something 0%.

Also, these methods are very expensive and can give you harsh side effects.

The best way to cure your sexual issues is natural and ayurvedic treatment.

As it is pocket friendly plus it never shows any type of side effects.

Ayurvedic medicine eliminates the cause of the problem and then the body gets recover itself naturally.

If you really want an effective and permanent solution for sexual health.

Then ‘Relibond’ could be the best choice for you.

It is Ayurvedic medicine that made up of proven natural herbs and never shows any side effects.

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